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Equipment & Technology

Equipment & Technology

The philosophy of Total Surveys is to invest in the latest technology to maximise efficiency and productivity, and to produce the best quality product for the client.
Surveyors at WorkSurveyors are equipped with Trimble Robotic “One Man” Total Station survey instruments. The company has “non-contact” direct reflex (“DR”) versions that enable the recording of detail in inaccessible or hazardous areas without the need to gain direct access; since a prism does not need to be used. This is particularly useful for surveying, for example, bridge soffits, or ridge & eaves heights and overlooking window positions of buildings adjacent to the survey area or even the position of nearby railway tracks that can be surveyed without the need to enter dangerous areas.

In addition to this, Total Surveys also have Leica GPS equipment with RTK (Real Time Kinematic) capability; which enables surveyors to obtain 3D co-ordinates in real-time, after establishing control using Ordnance Survey RINEX data.

The GPS equipment has a GSM phone link capability (as opposed to the standard relatively weak radio modem link), which significantly increases the operating range; this can give a working radius in the order of up to 30km from the base station, which saves a considerable amount of time when establishing control for large sites. Surveys can be related to Ordnance Datum and National Grid co-ordinates, by utilising this equipment.
The company has also invested in Leica “Smartnet” GPS equipment, which gives immediate real time co-ordinates by utilising the Ordnance Survey Active GPS Network.

For further information, please refer to our Datum & Grid and Explanation & Methodology sections.      

Underground detection equipment is utilised for tracing sewer routes, and other below ground services. Many topographical surveys that are undertaken incorporate drainage manhole survey work. Cover and invert levels are provided together with pipe sizes and direction of flow. Measurements are carried out from the surface. Survey work is carried out in accordance with the company Health & Safety policy. For further information please refer to our Underground Services surveys section.

Total Surveys can provide a wide range of land & engineering surveying services. For further details,  please visit our Services Home Page.
Latest News – We are now able to carry out High Definition Surveys using the latest Leica ScanStation 2 laser scanning instrument. This is a very fast pulsed laser system, which incorporates a high resolution digital camera. For further information, please refer to our News Page, and also to the Laser Scanning Surveys section within our Services Provided section.

The company uses specialist software to process the survey data, which can be provided in a wide range of formats. For further information please refer to our data processing & CAD Bureau section.
If you require further information or advice regarding a survey project, please contact us.

Leica ScanStation 2 in useTrimble Instrument on site