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Site Visualisation services

Site VisualisationDam

Armed with our topographical survey digital terrain model (DTM), and the client’s design levels & features (that we can construct in CAD), we are able to produce “before” & “after” computer rendered site visualisations.

These can then be viewed at any specified angle / viewpoint.

Past projects include an “artist’s impression” computer generated image of a proposed new factory building. We had carried out a topographical survey of the site, and the client provided us with the design dimensions of the new building, together with its planned position and proposed finished floor level (FFL). Their designers also gave us the ground levels for their landscaping design.

Our CAD department then constructed a “virtual” image of the new site layout.

This image was rendered and various perspective views were produced, shown from specified vantage points.

Dam VisualisationThis enabled the client to provide the local planners with comprehensive information regarding the proposed new factory, and its effect on the immediate surroundings.

The factory was subsequently built on the site.

We have now included the additional service of Laser Scanning (High Definition) Surveys. This enables us to create a 3D point-cloud of surveyed data, that can be used to produce plan & elevation drawings, or create site visualisations.

Laser Scanning Surveys See our Laser Scan Virtual Tour here.

Please see below for an example visualisation produced from the laser scan survey of complex pipework in a plant room.

Pipework Visualisation

Below is an extract from a "wireframe" visualisation created from our topographical survey data (surveyed traditionally with a Total Station), and incorporating the client's proposed final design levels for the site. A "sky" background has been added for artistic purposes.

Please note that surfaces can be rendered to produce a more realistic appearance, but file sizes become larger. In this case the wireframe version was sufficient for the client's requirements.

                          Wireframe Visualisation extract

If you have a particular requirement, please contact us, and we will be pleased to advise further.