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Pipeline Surveys

Pipeline Surveys

Pipeline under constructionTotal Surveys have senior staff with considerable past experience working within British Gas / Transco.
We carry out many types of survey work relating to pipeline projects, for example; initial topographical strip surveys for proposed pipeline routes, setting-out of pipeline routes, and as-built surveys as pipe is being laid in the ground.
By utilising the latest GPS equipment we are able to establish survey control over a large working area and carry out these tasks very efficiently.
We have recently completed the as-built survey of approximately 150km of 1200mm gas pipeline. We were initially involved with the original strip surveys & “special crossing” surveys (i.e. individual topographical surveys of areas where special pipe design was required), and also provided a long-term resident site engineer / surveyor to survey the pipe welds throughout the pipe-laying process.

Weld positions were surveyed in 3D using GPS equipment. The data was regularly downloaded into a laptop computer, and e-mailed on a daily basis to the client, as the pipe was back-filled and buried.

Total Surveys can provide a reliable service throughout the pipe-laying process. If you feel we could help you, please contact us.


We have now included the additional service of Laser Scanning (High Definition) Surveys. This enables us to create a 3D point-cloud of surveyed data, that can be used to create site visualisations. This can include complex pipework arrangements.

Please see below for an example visualisation produced from the laser scan survey of complex pipework in a plant room.

Pipework Visualisation