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Levelling Services

Precise LevellingPipework requiring precision levels for installation

Total Surveys are equipped with digital levels to carry out precise levelling exercises.
This type of exercise is required where a very high level of accuracy is required; for example, precision alignment of machinery / equipment / pipe-work etc., where sub-millimetre accuracy is required.

We have now included the additional service of Laser Scanning (High Definition) Surveys. This enables us to create a 3D point-cloud of surveyed data, which can be used to produce plan & elevation drawings, or create site visualisations; including complex pipework arrangements.

Please see below for an example visualisation produced from the laser scan survey of a plant room.

Pipework Visualisation

Laser Scanning Surveys See our Laser Scan Virtual Tour here.

Levelling staff
Traditional Levelling Levelling instrument

Traditional levelling work is also carried out.

Examples include the transferring of levels through sites from known site datums, and confirming threshold levels for properties in flood risk areas.

In the latter case, control is generally established throughout the area using GPS, and these reference points are then used as datums for the traditional levelling to all the properties in question.

If position, (as well as level information) is required, we can also be of assistance. Please refer to our sections on Monitoring & Deformation and Topographical Surveys, for further associated information.

If you would like to discuss a particular project, or if you would like further information, please contact us.