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As-Built Surveys

As-Built Surveys

Total Surveys carry out a wide range of as-built surveys; examples include as-built surveys for record drawings, e.g. schools, petrol filling stations etc., and as-built plans for Land Registry purposes etc..
Where a large batch of surveys is required, we can co-ordinate site and office operations to ensure a regular despatch of drawings as the survey work progresses.

We can also prepare drawings to the client’s own standard layout using personalised drawing sheets if required.

We can provide resident site engineers / surveyors to carry out as-built surveys of pipeline routes etc., during construction. In this case the surveyor would be fully equipped to survey the welds as the pipe is being constructed and laid in the ground, and could download / process the data and e-mail the information to the client direct from site by mobile phone technology.

For further information please refer to our pipeline surveys section.

As-built surveys of building floor plans are also requested for space planning & GIS purposes. Please refer to our measured building surveys section for further information.

If accurate "as-constructed" drawings of complex installations are required; as a starting platform for future design work, (and possible off-site manufacture), of proposed additions / modifications, our laser scanning service may be of interest.

The laser scanner produces a 3D point-cloud of survey data, that can be used to create traditional linework drawings, or 3D visualisations. Below is an example of a visualisation produced from the laser scan survey of complex pipework surveyed in a plant room.

Pipework Visualisation   

If you have a potential requirement for an as-built survey that you would like to discuss, please contact us.