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Boundary Demarcation

Boundary Demarcation

We are often contacted with regard to queries concerning confirmation of site extents / legal boundaries etc.. In some cases there is confusion, and in others there is a dispute between neighbours.
We aim to offer assistance, without running up unnecessary costs for the persons involved.
If the client / landowner is in possession of legal drawings that contain sufficient dimensional information, (e.g. specified distances of boundary fence-lines from specified points etc.,) then we should be able to attend site and re-establish / “set-out” this information, and mark-up the ground as necessary.
Often, however, the only information available is a Land Registry plan, typically at 1:1250 scale, based on Ordnance Survey background mapping. This mapping is often derived from aerial photography, and not physically measured / surveyed on the ground. Therefore, the plan showing the site plot may not be accurate enough to establish the actual site limits.
The plot extents may be identified as a thick line drawn around the area concerned. If this line were approx 1mm in width, this would equate to 1.25 metres on the ground (if scaled-off of a 1:1250 scale drawing); this gives an indication of the problems that can be experienced when trying to confirm boundaries using only this information. A dispute of a few feet would be extremely difficult to resolve without further information.
We are experienced topographical surveyors, and can attend site and survey physical visible above ground features, e.g. building positions, boundary fences etc., but we are not able to confirm where the actual legal boundaries are, unless we are given sufficient specific dimensional information to enable us to reproduce it on site. It should be borne in mind that there may be physical features around the perimeter of a site, e.g. hedge root-lines, fence-lines etc., that “look” like the extents of the site, but these may not actually be the legal boundaries.
If you have a boundary query, we shall be pleased to offer advice. If the information available is particularly vague or confusing, and / or if there is disagreement between neighbours, it may be necessary to seek legal advice and appoint a Chartered Surveyor to establish the legal boundaries and offer evidence as an Expert Witness. Total Surveys are not able to offer this service, but can advise of specialist companies if required.